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Come into the library for good conversations, as well as access to magazines, books, and media. Our mission is to support the children and adults of our congregation as we all learn to walk in Christ. Please see a staff member if you have a reference question.

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Fellowship of Readers

During the winter months, Bethel Library offers a reading program for all ages. Children read lots of books, working toward a common goal in order to contribute to a missionary project. Adults meet several times on Friday evenings to recommend what they’ve read to others.

New Books & Media

John Bunyan, Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ
Diana Gruver, Companions in the Darkness
Michael Horton, For Calvinism
Gladys Hunt, Honey for a Child’s Heart
Michael Kruger, Surviving Religion 101
Elizabeth McCallum & Jane Scott, The Book Tree
Susan Maccaulay, For the Children’s Sake
Brett McCracken, The Wisdom Pyramid
Hans Rookmaaker, Jazz, Blues and Spirituals
John Stott, Basic Introduction to the New Testament
Liz Wann, The End of Me
Gordon Wenham, The Psalter Reclaimed

Greet Rietkerk, Faithful to God’s Call
Steven J. Nichols, R. C. Sproul

Amanda Barrat, The White Rose Resists
Amy Lynn Green, Things We Didn’t Say
Phillips & Pella, The Stonewycke Trilogy
Katie Powner, The Sowing Season

C h i l d r e n

Linsey Davis, The World Is Awake
Wendy Dunham, Autumn Is for Apple Pie, Sunflower Summer, A Windy Day, Winter Snow Fun
Sally Lloyd-Jones, Near: Psalm 139
Elspeth Murphy, The Mystery of the Silly Goose

Daniel Amari, Dawn of Islam
A Field Guide on False Teaching
Esau McCaulley, Reading While Black
Greg Meilaeander, Bioethics
Calvin Miller, The Singer Trilogy
Robert Morgan, 100 Bible Verses…
J. I. Packer, Concise Theology
David E. Prince, In the Arena
Scott R. Swain, The Trinity
Carl R. Trueman, Histories and Fallacies

Michael Graham, Cheer Up!
Ellen Vaughn, Becoming Elisabeth Elliot

Ken Myers, Mars Hill Audio Journal, vol. 148

Chris Fabry, Looking into You
Susie Finkbeiner, Stories That Bind Us
K. B. Hoyle, The Gateway Chronicles
          The Six, The Oracle, The White Thread
The Scroll, The Enchanted
          The Bone Whistle
Jan Karon, Home to Holly Springs
In the Company of Others

C h i l d r e n

Thomas Gallaudet, From Adam to Jacob
The Story of Joseph

Elspeth Campbell Murphy, The Mystery of the Copycat Clown
The Mystery of the Dolphin Detective
          The Mystery of the Haunted Lighthouse
The Mystery of the Hobo’s Message
The Mystery of the Magi’s Treasure

Amy Baker, ed. Caring for the Souls of Children
Amy & Andy Crouch, My Tech-Wise Life
Kelly Kapic & Randall Gleason, The Devoted Life
David Murray, Why Is My Teenager Feeling Like This?
Leland Ryken, Worldly Saints: The Puritans As They Really Were
Darby A. Strickland, Is It Abuse? A Biblical Guide …
Trinity Psalter Hymnal
Carl R. Trueman, The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self
Guy Waters, ed., Covenant Theology

Rebecca Vandoodewaard, Reformation Women

Mary Ray, Beyond the Desert Gate
Sarah Sundin, The Land Beneath Us

C h i l d r e n

Thomas H. Gallaudet, Child’s Book on the Fall of Man

Tim Thornborough, Deborah and the Very Big Battle
Paul White, Eyes on Jungle Doctor, Jungle Doctor’s Africa
Jungle Doctor Meets a Lion, Jungle Doctor on Safari
Jungle Doctor Pulls a Leg, Jungle Doctor Stings a Scorpion

Iain M. Duguid, ed., ESV Expository Commentary, Vol. IV: Ezra – Job
Iain M. Duguid, ed., ESV Expository Commentary, Vol. X: Romans – Galatians
Sinclair Ferguson, Let’s Study Philippians
J. A. Motyer, The Message of Philippians
Moises Silva, Philippians, 2nd ed.

Herman Bavinck, The Wonderful Works of God
Bruggink & Droppers, Christ and Architecture
Sinclair Ferguson, Devoted to God’s Church
Patrick Schreiner, The Ascension of Christ

Allan Harman, Matthew Henry: His Life and Influence
Dustin Benge & Nate Pickowicz, The American Puritans

Confessions of the Reformed Church
Ken Myers, Mars Hill Audio Journal, vol. 147

C h i  l d r e n

Marty Machowski: Wonderfull: Ancient Psalms Ever New
Carine MacKenzie & Alec Motyer, Psalms for My Day

Melissa Kruger, Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know

Best Kept Secrets
More Than Meets the Eye
Out of the Blue
Adventures in American History 1620-1975

Top Ten Titles: Family Worship

Big Truths for Little Kids by Susan Hunt
Family Worship by Joel Beeke
Family Worship by Donald S. Whitney
The Family Worship Book by Terry L. Johnson
Let the Children Worship by Jason Helopoulos
Long Story Short by Martin Machowski
A Neglected Grace by Jason Helopoulos
Praying Together by Megan Hill
Training Hearts, Teaching Minds by Starr Meade
From the Lips of Little Ones by Jeff Kingswood


We do accept donations of lightly worn, recent books, which we may add to the collection or place on the freebie table to share with others. Ask for a copy of our donation policy.

Soli Deo Gloria!