Welcome to Bethel Library

Come into the library for good conversations, as well as access to magazines, books, and media. Our mission is to support the children and adults of our congregation as we all learn to walk in Christ. Please see a staff member or e-mail if you have a reference question.

Open hours

Sundays: 9:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. &  5:15 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.

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Fellowship of Readers

During the winter months, Bethel Library offers a reading program for all ages. Children read lots of books, working toward a common goal in order to contribute to a missionary project. Adults meet several times on Friday evenings to recommend what they’ve read to others.

New Books & Media

William L. Lane, Hebrews 1-8 and Hebrews 9-13
Douglas J. Moo, The Epistle to the Romans

Sam Allberry, 7 Myths about Singleness
Matthew Barrett, None Greater
Lydia Brownback, Flourish
Henry Cloud & John Townsend, Boundaries
Sam Crabtree, Parenting with Loving Correction
Elisabeth Elliot, Suffering Is Never for Nothing
Sidney Greidanus, From Chaos to Cosmos
Groves & Smith, Untangling Emotions
Mark Jones, The Prayers of Jesus
J. A. Medders, Humble Calvinism
John Piper, Why I Love the Apostle Paul
David Powlison, God’s Grace in Your Suffering
Philip Ryken, The Love of Loves in the Song of Songs
J. R. R. Tolkien, Tree and Leaf
Guy Prentiss Waters, The Lord’s Supper

Tim Keesee, A Company of Heroes
Carol J. Neuman, ed., Honoring Our Veterans, vol. 2
Ray Rhodes, Susie

Sinclair Ferguson, The Westminster Shorter Catechism
Ken Myers, Mars Hill Audio Journal 142
Fernando Ortega, The Shadow of Your Wings


Rick Warren, The Lord’s Prayer

board books
Cecil Frances Alexander, All Things Bright and Beautiful
Emily Assell, You Are: Speaking God’s Word over Your Children
Danielle Hitchen, Let There Be Light and Psalms of Praise

ESV Expository Commentary, Vol. XI
ESV Expository Commentary, Vol. XII

Courtney Ellis, Uncluttered
Makoto Fujimura, Culture Care
Albert Hsu, Grieving a Suicide, 2nd ed.
Diane Langberg, Suffering and the Heart of God
Timothy Larsen, Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals
Mary K. Mohler, Growing in Gratitude
Russell Moore, The Storm-Tossed Family
Jane Smith & Betty Carlson, A Gift of Music
Erin M. Straza, Comfort Detox
Peter J. Williams, Can We Trust the Gospels?                                                                             

Lynette G. Clark, Far above Rubies: Bethan Lloyd-Jones
Francis A. Schaeffer, The Letters of Francis A. Schaeffer

Patti Callahan, Becoming Mrs. Lewis
Ann H. Gabhart, River to Redemption
Heather Kaufman, Loving Isaac
Terrie Todd, Bleak Landing

Connect (Kirk Cameron)


Molly Wall & Jason Mandryk, Window on the World

Simonetta Carr, John Newton

Stan & Jan Berenstain, The Berenstain Bears
Larry Burgdorf, God Saves Jerusalem
Larry Burgdorf, How Enemies became Friends
Larry Burgdorf, Zerubbabel Rebuilds the Temple
Nicole E. Dreyer, Cain and Abel
Sara Hartman, The Ten Plagues
Martha Jander, Philip and the Ethiopian
Martha Jander, Solomon Builds the Temple
Martha Jander, The Tower of Babel
Anne Jennings, God, I’ve Gotta Talk to You
Max Lucado, The Children of the King
Nate & Trish McMillan, The Handy Dandys
Kristin R. Nelson, King Josiah and God’s Book
Kathryn O’Brien, Give Thanks
Erik Rottmann, The Fruit of the Spirit

Top Ten Titles: Family Worship

Big Truths for Little Kids by Susan Hunt
Family Worship by Joel Beeke
Family Worship by Donald S. Whitney
The Family Worship Book by Terry L. Johnson
Let the Children Worship by Jason Helopoulos
Long Story Short by Martin Machowski
A Neglected Grace by Jason Helopoulos
Praying Together by Megan Hill
Training Hearts, Teaching Minds by Starr Meade
From the Lips of Little Ones by Jeff Kingswood


We do accept donations of lightly worn, recent books, which we may add to the collection or place on the freebie table to share with others. Ask for a copy of our donation policy.

Soli Deo Gloria!