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Bethel has a wide variety of opportunities for young adults and college students who are studying in the area.

We provide rides to and from Wheaton College (Saga-0) every Sunday during the academic year for the morning service at 9:10 am, and have an active list of events and opportunities for those both in school and out that are in their late teens and early twenties.

If you have an interest in staying up to date with our regular and special events, we welcome you to sign up for our email list and if you would like information on our college ministry and events, sign up for updates.

Weekly Wheaton Pastoral Lunch
Fridays during the school year | 12:30-2:30 pm
Location: Saga @ Wheaton College
Contact: Joshua Sunderland

During the school year, Pastor Schrock eats at the Saga every Friday to get to know the local student body better, as well as answer questions and share a meal with them. This is a drop-in event; no sign up needed.

Theology Q&A
Sunday | 7 pm
Location: Schrock home in Wheaton
Contact: Dan Schrock

After evening service, join Pastor Schrock and other students and young adults at his house, right next to the church, for a time of Q&A and discussion.

Pre-Seminarian Internships
Location: Bethel
Contact: Dan Schrock

For those interested in pursuing ministry in the future, there are opportunities for part-time pre-seminarian internships for undergraduate students! For more information, email us!

Member-Hosted Meals
Contact: Joshua Sunderland

Connect with older church members! Members of the church regularly invite college students for meals throughout their time at Wheaton, and look forward to this opportunity to provide discipleship, fellowship, and friendship to the college students in the congregation. We also have regularly scheduled meals following Sunday school at the church.

Get Involved in other Church Events & Opportunities!
Contact: Joshua Sunderland

In addition to these events, college students are invited to participate in the life of the congregation, and are welcome in other church ministries. Bethel also offers transportation for other church activities, like community groups, fellowship meals, and social events if needed!

Check the Church Life page for more information about the other areas of church life where you can get involved.