Bethel Library

Come into the library for good conversations, as well as access to magazines, books, and media. Our mission is to support the children and adults of our congregation as we all learn to walk in Christ. For information about our library, please visit this page.


Bethel’s Nursery exists to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for children and to give them a positive first experience of church. We want children to experience Jesus’ love through the love of their caregivers. Our Nursery Ministry provides parents and guardians with the opportunity to participate in fellowship with other believers, worship and grow in Christ with the rest of the church body, as well as serve the church body.

We welcome babies, toddlers and young children during the 9:30am Sunday morning service.

You can find us on the main floor directly adjacent to the Tea and Coffee Lounge. Here you will find a colorful room staffed by experienced adults who have undergone training and related background checks. We want to take care of your little ones, so please bring them to the Nursery!

Click the links to read our Nursery Policy and Child Protection Policy.

Pre-K through Kindergarten

Children three years old through kindergarten meet every Sunday on the same level as the sanctuary, in the classrooms adjacent to the Tea and Coffee Lounge and directly across from the Nursery. In these classes several volunteers skillfully teach Bible stories through age-appropriate lessons and activities. These children are learning about the family of God and that God wants them to trust and follow him. Children often repeat these memorable lessons on the way home from church.

First & Second Grade

First and second graders meet in the downstairs classroom adjacent to the Fellowship Hall. Several of our long-term volunteers lovingly teach these eager students. This fall they are learning how to please God and how to grow in Christian character through a study of the ten commandments

Third & Fourth Grade

Third and fourth graders meet on the main level directly adjacent to the sanctuary. This fall, the class is focusing on the different they can worship God, from their involvement on Sunday morning to their activities throughout their week.

Fifth & Sixth Grade

Fifth and sixth graders meet in the downstairs classroom adjacent to the Fellowship Hall. As part of a two-year survey of Genesis to Revelation, this interactive class aims to point students to the Scriptures and ask questions. This fall the class is studying the reigns of the kings of Israel and Judah, as a means of deepening the students’ hunger and thirst for God in his word, as well as developing a greater love and trust in Jesus Christ.

Seventh & Eighth Grade (Jr High)

“Seventh and eighth graders meet in the large meeting room next to the fellowship hall on the downstairs level. They develop a clear understanding of their faith through a study of the Westminster Shorter Catechism and Heidelberg Catechism in alternating years, which leads students through the entire cycle of doctrine and life twice during their two years in the class. This year, they are focusing on the Heidelberg Catechism. Many students who have completed this class look back with appreciation at the depth of learning they have experienced.”

Ninth through Twelfth Grade (Sr High)

The senior high (9th through 12th grades) class is currently meeting in the conference room adjacent to the sanctuary. This class studies a variety of topics throughout the year with an emphasis on equipping students to read and interpret the Bible, articulate and defend the Christian faith, and understand and address relevant cultural and ethical issues. This fall, the students will consider how all of us think about the end times through the book The Future of Everything. When we reflect on what will happen not only when we die but when this present age ends, some combination of ideas, images, hopes, and fears floods our minds. This class will cover subjects like like death, the millennial kingdom, the return of Christ, the resurrection, judgment, heaven, and hell, and help students cultivate a vision for the future that is guided by God’s Word and impacts our Christian life today.

Adult Sunday School

This fall, adult Sunday school has two elective courses to take.

Foundations of the Christian FaithThis class will delve into the building blocks of the Christian faith, focusing on the tenets of what we believe and why we believe them. The topics covered in this course will focus on the identity and nature of God, and how God created all things, as well as how he relates to his creation. It will also focus on who mankind is and how God relates to us and how God saves man from his fallen state.

This class meets downstairs in the Fellowship Hall.

Eschatology and the Book of Revelation This class will explore the biblical teaching about “the last things” and how they will occur so as to fulfill God’s purpose. Of particular concern will be the end of life, the end of the world, and the unending eternity. The class will include a survey of the Book of Revelation that explores its structure, symbolism, and meaning for Christians today.

This class meets in the sanctuary.