Supporting Ukraine Together

Like all of the western world, we are grieved by the tragic events unfolding in Ukraine. Our grief is heightened as some of Bethel members have family members in Ukraine. In addition, Bethel’s first intern, Rev. Heero Hacquebord, is a missionary in L’viv, Ukraine, pastoring a Ukrainian-speaking church. This church is a part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ukraine. Bethel has provided support to Heero’s ministry in Ukraine for more than two decades.

Thus far, L’viv has been spared from the devastation that has ravaged so much of Ukraine. Consequently, refugees from other parts of Ukraine have flooded to L’viv, passing through as they seek to leave Ukraine. Heero and Anya are actively engaged in relief efforts for these refugees. 

The Bethel community has responded in two ways to horrific event unfolding in Ukraine. 

First, we pray. We pray for

  • the safety of the Hacquebord family; 
  • the safety of the family of our members who are in Ukraine;
  • the advancement of the gospel in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia as a result of these tragic events;
  • the relief efforts for Heero and Anya, and for their strength in those efforts; 
  • an end to hostilities; 
  • and so much more.

We urge you to pray with us.

Bethel, through its deacons and outreach committee, has also donated to relief effort of Heero and Anya. Individual Bethel members have also made donations to these efforts. You can support Heero and Anya at To give to the relief efforts, please use the following link: